facebook group dedicated to church bloggers

This weekend I started a group on Facebook called The Blogging Church. It is a group dedicated to readers of The Blogging Church.

As I am typing this post, there are currently 67 members of the group, and many are quite active.

Here are a few things that you can do in the group:

1) Start a new topic in the discussion board if you are looking for help with blogging.
2) Post your blog on the wall, and attract new readers.
3) Connect with some amazing church bloggers.
4) Upload a photo of you with The Blogging Church book.

Here is a sample of what you will find on the wall!

David Rudd (Grand Rapids, MI) wrote at 10:47pm
i blog at http://dumbjock.blogspot.com

I’m curious to hear from some of ya’ll about balancing “church stuff” and “life stuff” on your blog… or do you have separate blogs? what drives your decision? i’m wrastling with this issue right now.

Jump over to the group here, and give David your feedback.


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