links 2007-07-12

Why Facebook will Network Business Users
from Decker Marketing by Sam Decker

13 Must-See Google Maps Mashups
from Mashable! by Adam Ostrow

Welcome to Marc Andreessen’s comments
from Scobleizer by Robert Scoble

The honor system
from Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin

Podcast Favorites
from by Scott Hodge


  1. I like the Facebook article… I am used to Facebook in the college world – just like its been networking college students for years, Facebook is emerging into the business world. Right now you only have 30 friends on Facebook Terry! Are you keeping the facebook circle of friends small, or is your account new?

  2. Brad….I am kinda new to the Facebook site. I really see the benefit and explosive nature of Facebook, just have not really had the time to dive deep and get all the friends set up yet….

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