Done for the week…sorta. Have an Ignite Tulsa talk to prepare, and a 100k ride to rock! Fun

Hear from Dave Ramsey, Craig Groeschel, Erwin McManus, Megyn Kelly, Bishop Jakes, and Jack Welch

RT @theforumsupport: Video stream is working great, but we are seeing issues with the “Slid

Hanging out in master control for The Forum Webcast. #forum

Scheduled break for The Forum is almost over. Bill George is up next…and he rocks it!

Hearing from @bill_george at the Leadership Forum Webcast

RT @aaronsu: Patrick Lencioni and Tim Sanders up next @

ENFP’s unite, your leader Patrick Lencioni is speaking at Leadership Forum Webcast

Just jumped in my head: “Mobile is the dog, not the tail”. Might make that a talk soo

Delivering coffee and bagels to @johnotjen.

The Forum Webcast starts at 10am EDT. Amazing speakers, you should check it out->

Hearing from Henry Cloud at the Leadership Forum Webcast

Wow, the TV commercials rolling about healthcare are insanity! Shows you how much money is on the

About to meet with a lot of leaders and talk with them about “Creating Effect

Heading to Tulsa this morning with @bobbgwald. Going to spend some time with @ToddRoy and @derric